Mini Heatbed for Play

We bring along a mini heatbed we have just develop for the Lewihe Play or the Printrbot Play. If you want to upgrade your mini printer to be able to print more demanding filaments such as ABS this accessory is for you.

All components are mounted on the bottom side of the board to make full use of the entire heat surface of the bed.
Thermistor: NTCS0805E3104FXT
The bed comes with a thermistor fitted and two convenient pads to solder a 2 lead cable to connect to your electronics.
Solder pads on the bottom side of the bed
2 LEDs will show your board's activity while heating. The LEDs are also mounted on the rear of the board and two small windows will show the light on your print surface.

We recommend that you don't print directly on the board and install a small glass over it.
If you like the heatbed, check it out on our on-line store.
Let's Play.


Size: 100x100 mm
Rated voltage: 12V
Maximum operational temperature: 150ºC
Power dissipation:
  • 69W aprox: 12V @25ºC, 50W aprox: 12V @110ºC
  • 2.1 Ohms aprox, 2.8 Ohms aprox @110ºC
  • NTCS0805E3104FXT
  • Marlin configuration: 12


Though small, this little board is heats from 25ºC to 100ºC in about a minute while consuming less than 70W, maximum.


This board is released under the CERN OHL 1.2 and you can find all the documentation in its GIT repository here.