Custom designs

We have done a good range of custom designs for customers that were looking to have a project developed but didn't have the time or the experience to do it. Some people have brought forward an idea of an electronics project they wanted to do, others simply wanted to have their project in a proper PCB.

Here is a small gallery of some custom products we've done.

lightSENSE series - glass touch

lightSense by electroFUN is a simple minimalistic glass light switch. It retrofits into your current installation lightswitch and you can start enjoying its streamed line look. You don't like the colors, with our exclusive glassCLIP(TM) system (patent pending) you can change the style and deco as many times as you want whenever you want. Read on our the brochure, its fun its easy, its cool: pdf

Isothermal box controller

This little battery powered board controls the interior temperature of an enclosed case with a precision of 0.5ÂșC regardless of the external temperature. If your outside temperature is very hot, it will keep the interior cool while if the external temperature is very cold it will keep its contents warm. Simply set the desired temperature and the controller does the rest. Mechanical outline designed to bit within electronics compartment of the isothermal case.

High pressure controller

High pressure controller board for installation on main switch board.

A great MIDI controller with builtin SD card reader

This is probably one of the most funky projects we have designed, with built in MIDI input (MIDI connector and USB MIDI), audio input and micro-SD card reader, this design will make you dance to the beat.

Simple relay switch board

A very simple, compact and easy to use relay switch board to drive 4 relays on board and another 4 slave relays.

Remote phone controller

This project detects incoming phone calls and detects DTM tones on its own based on our own SW implementation without any companion chips. Great little project and essential for home automation.
How is that for noise levels.

Great, precise and reliable frequency detection.

Fan Controller

Nothing beats this little control panel to keep the house warm or cold. By moving air through different ducts it equalizes the temperature at home.

The controller has a built in LCD display to control and monitor local and remote temperatures. During winter, your fire place will only keep one room warm, while the others will not. With this device you can move that warm air from one place to the other and warm your entire home using the one fire place regardless from where it is. You can save lots of money on your utility bill!

And lots more projects that we can't disclose but they are out there!

If you are interested, please drop us a line: