Need more pins on your project to control your LCD? Do you need more MIPs on your LCD project too?
The ShiftRegister LCD (SR LCD) is fast, reliable and saves pins on your projects.

With the SR LCD you can control standard character LCDs using just 2 pins, and you can do that almost 5 times faster than what you would with standard LiquidCrystal library.
We agree that LCDs look great on projects, they are very common, and fantastic at reporting back visually. However, they need a large amount of pins to control them, plus an additional pin for the backlight. Why sacrifice their usage on your next or existing project?

This board has been developed with character LCDs in mind as a means to reduce the pin count required to drive them. For some applications it is not easy to find those additional pins and hence they are never fitted in.  Additionally, driving LCDs consume extra CPU to drive them reducing the MIPS available for you application. 

By freeing up to 9 pins when connecting an LCD it is possible to use them on almost any pin constraint application. By having an almost 5 times performance improvement over the standard LiquidCrystal library you can seamless integrate them on your project without any performance degradation.

For Arduino and Chipkit users we have created a library that is backward compatible with all your current applications, its fast and its reliable. 

It's never been so easy to control a LCD, just connect it to two IOs and use the "New LiquidCrystal  library" as you would do with the current LiquidCrystal library in the Arduino or ChipKit IDE.

You can get the SR LCD in 2 assembly options:
  • bare board - only the bare board will be sent.
  • fully assembled SR LCD - a fully assembled board with driving headers fitted.