vinciDuino evo uSD

The vinciDuino evo uSD is here. Is a clean room implementation of the Arduino Leonardo platform with a twist, and a complete USB-based microcontoller development system and on-board micro SD card reader. Throw away that FTDI cable and go native-USB and get rid of that SD card adapter module. Plug it in, connect a mini-B USB cable and you can start writing code immediately. With the built-in AVR bootloader or with FLIP you don't even need an AVR programmer.

The board is compatible with current Arduino boards and shields like the vinciDuino. It has the same form factor of the Arduino Pro with the same pinout mapping as any Arduino. Programming couldn't be easier, it is fully compatible with Arduino's IDE when choosing Leonardo as your board.

The board has the same features as the vinciDuino but with a nice uSD connector at the back ready to use. 

Orders will start to ship as early as January.

Board Ideas and history
This board was designed by enthusiasts of the Spanish Arduino forum (link) being electroFUN one of its main creators. If you like the link or the board don't hesitate in supporting us by buying one or dropping us a line in the forum link.