SAV MkI - 3D printer electronics

The SAV MkI RevD is your perfect entry level 3D printer controller board.

This open source 3D printer board electronics has been designed and developed using all the great contributions and feedback from the RepRap CloneWars group in Spain. All shortcomings from other similar boards have been addressed providing an affordable yet feature rich 3D printer electronics. The result, the SAV MkI.
We have addressed the main problems and functionality limitations that equivalent electronics have:
  • No more heat sinks or fans to keep the hotend and heatbed FETs cold.
  • High speed native USB connectivity going up to 8Mbps
  • Builtin uSD reader for autonomous printing
  • Bluetooth dongle interface (dongle not provided, tested with HC-05 and HC-06) with level adapter built in for wireless operation.
  • Direct connection of an inductive or capacitive sensor for auto bed levelling.
  • Designed and Made in Europe.
This is your one stop electronics to get your 3D printer up and running; simply connect and you are ready to print. Small, high performance, feature rich and affordable.

You can read its features and specifications on its RepRap wiki page:

The board loads Marlin by default:

There is also a preconfigured version of Marlin for the SAV MkI:

Get one
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