ELFSHL1 - Stepper shield

Product retired
The ELFSHL1 is compact carrier board/shield and when connected to 3 ELFDRV3 makes it the most compact and cost effective solution to drive a CNC machine. Its modular design makes it a versatile, flexible and maintainable solution that can discreetly drive any entry level and semi-professional 3 axis CNC machine. The whole driving solution (controller, shield and driver) will fit in a 60mm x 60mm x 60mm cube.

  • Capable of driving up to 3 ELFDRV1s,  ELFDRV2s or ELFDRV3s micro-stepper drivers with indexer.
  • On board thermistor based on the LM75B for active thermal control.
  • 2.5 A fan driver.
  • I2C expansion bus interface to chain other devices such as IO expansion boards, additional thermistors for off board temperature monitoring, LCDs, LED drivers, etc.
  • 3 broken out general purpose IOs or analog inputs, user defined.
  • +12 V input supply that can power both the mother board/shield and micro-controller.
  • Compatible with the vinciDuino, Arduino UNO Rev3 and Arduino Leonardo.
  • Breadboard friendly.
The ELFSHL1 ships with all SMD components soldered on board, tested and with all the pin headers soldered ready to use.
Combined with the vinciDuino or any compatible Arduino makes it an ideal and compact solution for driving a CNC machine in a 53mm x 53mm footprint.


Size:            53 mm x 53 mm
Weight:          10g
General specifications
Total current drive capability:  8 A
Supply voltage range:            8 V - 24 V
micro-stepper driver:            3 (ELFDRV1 or ELFDRV2)
Broken out IOs (user defined):   3
I2C bus out:                     1
     Continuous fan current driver: up to 2.5 A
     Voltage range:              8 V - 24 V
     Temperature accuracy: +/-2 C (between -25 C and 100 C)
     Temperature resolution:     0.125 C
PCB: FR4, 35um
     2 layer
     white solder resist

User Manual and Specs
  • User manual in PDF - download
  • User manual in ePUB for your favorite eBook reader - download
  • User manual in iBook for your iPad - download

SW Libraries
  • Basic Stepper library - download
  • Thermistor library with support for LM75B - download
  • New LiquidCrystal Library - download
  • Full CNC controller firmware for your CNC machine using our shield fully tested with printrun, replicatorG, repetier host and Txapuzas Tx - download
    • The CNC gcode interpreter is in beta but fully operational with Txapuzas Tx, replicatorG and printrun. This library has been inspired by Txapuzas RX gcode interpreter.