ELFDRV3 - stepper driver

Product retired

The ELFDRV3 stepper motor driver carrier is an easy-to-use performant bipolar micro-stepping motor driver. The driver features adjustable current limiting, over current protection, and 4 different configurable micro-step resolutions. It operates from 8 V – 16 V and can deliver up to 2.5 A per coil. Its compact and small but boast as high performance as its bigger brother the ELFDRV1. An ideal companion for the ELFSHL1 CNC shield for vertical mount.

  1. Just two control interface pins for step and direction.
  2. One interface pin to enable the driver.
  3. Six different step resolutions jumper configurable: full-step, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32.
  4. Adjustable current control lets you set the maximum current output with a potentiometer, allowing you to use a wide range of supply voltages well above your stepper motor’s rated voltage. This will protect you motor and will enable you to achieve higher step rates.
  5. Selectable decay modes using built in jumpers: slow decayfast decay or mixed decay. Mixed decay provides a more intelligent chopping control by selecting the correct current decay mode automatically (board default).
  6. Board has been designed for vertical mounting for optimum cooling under high current needs. In addition is occupies less space on your final project.
The ELFDRV3 ships with all SMD components soldered on board, tested and with a set of header pins for you to solder.

We also have an Arduino (UNO Rev 3 and Leonardo) or vinciDuino daughter board (shield) that can host up to 3 new ELFDRV3s, making it an ideal and compact solution for driving a CNC machine. Please refer to the ELFSHL1.

Size:   30mm x 33 mm
Weight: 5g

General specifications
Motor driver:                          DRV8825
Logic operating voltage range:         3 V - 5.5V
Motor driver operating voltage range:  8 V - 16 V
Continuous output current per phase:   up to 2.5 A 
Min step pulse duration:               1us
PCB:                                   FR4, 35um copper
                                       white solder resist
                                       1.6 mm
The current documentation belongs to our previous line of stepper driver. We will be updating the documentation soon.
User Manual and Specs
  • User manual in PDF (old documentation) - download
  • User manual in ePUB for your favorite eBook reader - download
  • User manual in iBook for your iPad - download

SW Libraries
  • Basic Stepper library - download
  • Full CNC controller firmware for your CNC machine using our shield fully tested with printrun, replicatorG, repetier host and Txapuzas Tx - download
    • The CNC gcode interpreter is in beta but fully operational with Txapuzas Tx, replicatorG and printrun. This library has been inspired by Txapuzas RX gcode interpreter.

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